Testimonials for our 2021 Nationwide Summer Hackathon

Parents' Testimonials

Carrie Ziolkowski (Parent of Harper Schneider) | Minnesota

Harper really enjoyed this hackathon! Thanks for being responsive to her request for a teammate at the beginning and responding so quickly through DMs to her questions. I am excited that she was able to collaborate so well with a partner who lives 2000 miles away who she's never met in person. This experience was a big confidence builder for her in her coding skills. The hackathon was extremely well organized, and I appreciate all of the parent communication emails! Way to go, planning team!

Devika Pant (Parent of Nandini Tiwari) | California

My daughter enjoyed and learnt a lot during this hackathon, since this was her first experience. This hackathon was very professionally run and I looked over during some parts of it and was impressed by how it was run efficiently even remotely. Thanks to all the students that put this together, clearly it took a lot of work.

Gene Ironhill (Parent of Nolan Ironhill) | California

What a wonderful event--entertaining and educational; my son loved it! He's been working on his programming skills this past year and this was a nice way to not only increase his skill set (technical and team building), but also interact with students across the country.

Linda Gutierrez (Parent of Giani Gutierrez) | Louisiana

I really loved this program for my teen to learn and explore more about coding.

Ambuja Umapathi (Parent of Moumita Balakundhi) | California

The agenda of the program was very thoughtful and kept the students occupied throughout the day. Thank you for giving this opportunity for the middle schoolers.

Gurvinder Singh (Parent of Gurneet Singh) | California

It is a great program. My son really liked it. We hope we will join next year. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Yogesh Bajaj (Parent of Divyank Bajaj) | New Jersey

It's a good experience that really pushed my son's limits. He learned a lot through this experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone else.

Jane Khau (Parent of Katie Hion) | California

My daughter loved taking part in her first hackathon! She is excited to join more.

Manjit SIngh (Parent of Maneet Kalsi) | California

It was day well spent for my kids with great sessions and coaching by very capable mentors. The speakers were very inspiring as well.

Jian Shao (Parent of Ethan Shao) | Massachusetts

I think this hackathon is very helpful and helps students grow interest in stem!

Mayuri Mukherjee (Parent of Krish Mukherjee) | California

It was a highly engaging learning experience. Looking forward to more such opportunities for kids to learn and interact with others.

Pavithra Krishnan (Parent of Advaith Sethuraman) | California

The Hackathon was very well-organized and gave a good insight to the middle schoolers about coding.

Students' Testimonials

Srisai Vuppuluri (Stony Brook Middle School) | Massachusetts

I had a lot of fun and enjoyed using gather. It was well organized and I learned a lot from the speaker workshops. It was also interesting to meet other coders from across the country.

Harshita Vohra (John M. Horner Middle School) | California

I'm glad that I was registered in this competition and wanted to let the mentors know that they did a great job organizing this Hackthon. My team members were also great to work with.

Advaith Sethuraman (Windemere Ranch Middle School ) | California

The Hackathon was really fun and organized. I enjoyed listening to the speakers talk about different coding languages and collaborating with my teammates. This Hackathon has inspired me to learn more about coding so that I can use it in the future.

Harper Schneider (Barnwell Middle School) | Minnesota

I had so much fun at this hackathon and I learned so much from the workshops! Thank you!

Nolan Ironhill (Hillside Middle School) | California

Was very very fun. I got to make a cool text game with Python! Programming is very fun and you can accomplish a LOT with it!

Roma Singh (Diablo Vista Middle School) | California

I really liked the workshops, there was so much to learn from them. I also like the platform we used, it was different and very efficient, and it never lagged.

Giani Gutierrez (Homeschool) | Louisiana

I had lots of fun and learned lots of new things. This was a great experience and I definitely recommend it for others.

Katie Hion (Independence High School) | California

I'm really glad I got to join this Hackathon, where I made a great friend and created a positive website.

Arnav Bansal (Windemere Ranch Middle School) | California

It was a very fun and exciting hackathon, especially were we has such a wide range of solutions.

Gibron Forrest (Keith Valley Middle School) | Pennsylvania

I enjoyed this program alot and it was very fun.

Anagha Dogiparthi (Stratford Raynor Middle School) | California

I had a great time at this event. The mentors and judges were great, and I hope to attend future events like this in the future.

Gurneet Singh (Gale Ranch Middle School) | California

I really liked this Hackathon. I got to learn new things and learned to cooperate with fellow team members. It was fun making our project. Thank you for hosting this experience.

Moulik Gambhir (Ho-Ho-Kus School) | New Jersey

I enjoyed this program a lot and it was very fun.

Moumita Balakundhi (Diablo Vista Middle School) | California

I found this program extremely educational and interesting.

Maneet Kalsi (William Mendenhall Middle School) | California

Thank You for the opportunity. I really enjoyed working with my mentors.

Ethan Shao (Diamond Middle School) | Massachusetts

The hackathon is very interesting and tense, I loved the workshops!

Vikram Hazarika (Diablo Vista Middle School) | California

I had a lot of fun coding a making the site. It was very engaging and my group was very good to work with my team.

Nandini Tiwari (Dougherty Valley High School) | California

It was a great experience to come up with new ideas and collaborate with others! I learnt new languages, and met new people.

Divyank Bajaj (Central Jersey College Charter Prep School) | New Jersey

It was really difficult but I still had a great time. It was my first Hackathon and I think I was really able to improve my coding skills. I can't wait to do this again.

Rishika Tellamsetty (Windemere Ranch Middle School) | California

Thanks a lot for this program: it was challenging and also very fun! I appreciate the mentors swift responses and hope that I can do this again!

Swati Singh (Gale Ranch Middle School) | California

I thought it was a very good opportunity to build develop learning in the coding world as well as a great opportunity to build up teamwork.

Shreya Pawar (Thornton Jr High School) | California

The Hackathon was lots of fun and I had a blast coding and learning from others.