About Us

Our Cause

Inspire2Dev is a volunteering organization with the goal of making a positive impact in communities. We provide STEM learning opportunities to students around the globe in a fun and collaborative environment through our programs.

Our team is very passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Through our Hackathons and Coding Immersions, we aim to inspire students and offer STEM learning opportunities while fostering teamwork and creativity.

Most Hackathons are open to high school students, college students, and industry professionals. Even though some Hackathons welcome middle schoolers, many middle schoolers feel intimidated as other participants are potentially more experienced. Our mission is to provide a supportive environment dedicated to middle schoolers to learn about various STEM topics and develop creative projects with the help of mentors.

We want to offer this opportunity internationally for free because not every part of the world has equal access to STEM resources and opportunities. Our STEM programs can support flexibility and allow us to expand our outreach globally. We are excited to provide this amazing opportunity to children in various parts of the world. We encourage students, regardless of STEM experience, to join us and have a great time!

Our Hackathon

Our Hackathon is going to be a fun one-day event! We'll kick off the day with an 'Opening Ceremony' that serves as a meet & greet for all the participants. We will have a 'team forming' time where participants can form teams with other middle school students.

In the Opening Ceremony, we'll share our Hackathon 'theme' which will be STEM-related. The participants can develop any project such as creating a website, coding a game, making a slides presentation, an infogram, or a video about a STEM topic they're interested in!

Throughout the event, mentors will be available to help any participants who have questions about projects, researching, and judging guidelines! Our Hackathon will have workshop events for all participants to attend. During the workshops, we'll have speakers who are passionate about STEM share their experience and present a STEM topic that can inspire our Hackathon participants!

Before the end of the Hackathon, participants will submit their projects and will be judged by our Inspire2Dev judges. We will wrap up our Hackathon with a 'Closing Ceremony' where Hackathon winners and prizes will be announced!