Our Team

Charlotte Law

President, Founder

Hello! My name is Charlotte Law and I'm a rising Junior at Dougherty Valley High School in California. I love STEM, and I really enjoy exploring my interest in computer science, artificial intelligence, and biotech. I hope to inspire students to gain interest and learn more about STEM.

Since middle school, I've been interested in STEM and coding. I was the captain of a Cybersecurity Team in which we scored top percentages nationally. Recently, I was selected as a cohort leader for a global AI (Artificial Intelligence) initiative. Last year, I established a STEM Chapter and have been serving as a Chapter Director for a year-round STEM Educational Program. I also explored my interest through taking biology, chemistry, computer programming, and other STEM programs offered by UC Berkeley, Stanford, and MIT.

I found Inspire2Dev because I want to provide a supportive environment for middle school students, from anywhere in the country, to learn more about STEM and collaborate with others to create innovative and meaningful projects. I look forward to seeing many smiles and working with students who are eager to develop projects using their creativity.

Aisha Makama

Director of Public Relations & Marketing

Hi! My name is Aisha Makama. I am 15 years old and a rising junior in high school (New York). I was born in Nigeria, my home country. I have lived in 3 different countries and have attended 10 different schools. I enjoy meditating and doing yoga. I love running, reading, and playing soccer. I am extremely passionate about STEM and have indulged myself in many STEM-related extracurricular activities. During my free time, I often find myself browsing the internet for fascinating articles related to STEM. I am really excited to give students an opportunity to collaborate with others and make bigs happen.

Divya Lingala

Director of Technology

Hello, my name is Divya Lingala, and I am currently a junior at South Fayette High School (Pennsylvania). I am an enthusiastic student who has a deep love for STEM! My favorite subjects in school are math and science, and I enjoy volunteering and giving back to my community. Some of my hobbies include reading, sketching, watching movies, playing board games, listening to music, and baking!

Shriya Rudrashetty

Director of Hackathon & Programs

Hi! My name is Shriya Rudrashetty and I'm currently a senior at Dublin High School in California.

Kennedy Lincoln

Head Mentor & Judge

Hi! My name is Kennedy Lincoln. I'm an incoming Junior at the University of California, Riverside majoring in Environmental Engineering. I'm interested in using programming in order to compile and analyze research data, using Al to monitor and address environmental issues, and using computer science to improve environmental management and conservation efforts.

Aishani Mohapatra

Inspire2Dev Advisor

Hi everyone! My name is Aishani Mohapatra. I'm a Data Science student from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). I'm interested in the intersection of data science, music, and language. My most recent project has been a Spotify song recommender, in which I analyze Spotify user’s behaviors regarding song preferences.